Product Care

Look after your new mates!

We want you and your tee’s to be inseparable. To infinity and beyond. 

However, this relationship needs some care

Don’t worry though, we don’t make you do all the things that your ex mentioned before they left

Here’s a little insight into your new buddies: 

They hate hot water and hence you would have to throw them in a cold cycle

They are quite shy and would really appreciate it if you could turn them inside out

They are gentle beings and want the gentle cycle in your machine only

They love the sun and would rather prefer you to have them drying out in the sun

They try to impress you once they get to you and shrink after the first wash.
Please don’t blame them. Their genes (Cotton) are designed to do that

If you have any troubles with your new buds, reach out to us and we will give you some therapy